Friday, 24 February 2017

If I Were You - 28th August.

Introducing the cheater and the cheated:

Celine is heartbroken, her perfect too-good-to-be-true boyfriend has actually turned out...well...literally too good to be true. So she swears off men for life.
Jake can't see what the problem is; she KNEW it was only ever a one night stand so why has his latest conquest turned into such a freak? He's had enough and needs a new challenge.
When this unlikely pair meet entirely by chance, a spark develops but, far from it being one of romance, it is one of friendship and, as it deepens and becomes more intense, Celine feels she has been given a new lease of life and Jake discovers, to his great surprise, that maybe there are some things more meaningful than one night stands.


She stared; well, there was nothing more she could do really, it was a hard scenario to process. Their favourite restaurant, in their favourite place. Mind you, she had to hand it to him - he had always had a good eye - too good an eye in fact- for the ladies. She was gorgeous too, lovely long wavy blonde hair all the way down to her waste, she wanted to confront him then and their - how long had it been going on? Did this perfect stick insect know about her? She felt a rush of adrenaline and took a step forward - suddenly though,she watched him put a hand into his jacket pocket and saw a small, velvet box. Well - question answered, slowly, she turned and walked away, keying the side of his car as she went.

Jake ducked as he hurried down the stairs, taking care to avoid the flying bits like pieces of crockery and the odd vase. ‘Look, can’t we just discuss this?’
The “crazy lady” paused. ‘What did you just say to me?’
‘I said can’t we just discuss this?’
‘I come home and find you in bed with someone else, what the fuck is there to explain?!!’
He paused, she had a point. ‘Look, I’m sorry.’
‘What did you just say?’
‘I said I’m sorry!’
‘Oh well! That makes all the difference!’
He looked at her evenly. ‘You know Jen, you’re not so perfect yourself!’
‘When have I ever cheated on you?’
‘Well...not in that regard but in others.’
‘Whatever - you know what Jake, just piss off, I should have listened to my friends in the first place.’
He winced as she slammed the door, calmly, he picked up his suitcase and headed out of the flat. The truth was, he didn’t really feel any remorse, what he felt most of all, was freedom.